After working with other vendors in the cart industry, Compucaddy has been the easiest to communicate my clinical needs to and translate that in customized carts. Our needs change from floor to floor and their flexible abilities are untouchable. Their engineering detail make their products so easy to use and more functional than the competition. Their standard equipment is usually options on the other guys. The weight and balance of their carts make it so you can maneuver them with just a pinky. We have many make and models of the CompuCaddy carts. They have the right cart for your needs.

Quality is so great, in short, they are nurse proof. Though our carts are out of warranty, we have not had to replace their parts, unlike our FLO carts. 

John Malone
University of Tennessee Medical Center

I am very happy with your product and your service in delivery and follow up has been impeccable, which is not something I can say about many of the Vendors I work with. For the price and quality CompuCaddy is unbeatable so I know you all will do well in this recession. Our carts are sturdy, stable and have a professional design and appearance. The other carts in this hospital look very dated and low tech in comparison even though they are not old. I saved hundreds of dollars purchasing from you all instead of the hospitals preferred vendor.

Brian D. Green
Director,Cardiopulmonary Department
Neurodiagnostics, Sleep Center

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your help in resolving our lock conflict at our hospital. Turns out that the same locks and keys you have installed on your new carts have also been installed by the vendor that the hospital purchased its medication cabinets from. So, after opening our new Hospital (complete with 75 CompuCaddy carts) we suddenly find out that our PC techs now have access to narcotics on the nursing units and that our nurses can all open the backs of the carts and remove the PCs. Who would have ever guessed?

How to solve the problem? Just make sure you're working with a vendor that truly understands what a partnership is. I explained our plight to Nikki and within hours she's calling me to tell me that you’ll ship us new locks at no cost. That's a level of customer service that I've not come to expect in my 20-plus years in the industry. I guess it shouldn't surprise me coming from CompuCaddy. I've got to tell you, though, it means a great deal to me.

You guys set the standard in many ways. I guess this is just another example. Anyway, it matters a lot to me and I wanted to personally thank all of you. 

Dave P.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your product. It has helped our business so much. We now have a CompuCaddy and Computer out in our body shop so we can write our estimates out at the car. Since we have introduced your product to our company, we have cut the turnaround time by a day.
Patrick Crozat
Manager of G & C Auto Body Santa Rosa

I am your biggest fan. There is no better product on the market in my opinion. I have to tell you how impressed I have been with you and your company. It is obvious that the products you offer is a direct result of how you do business. I have been doing this for 20 years and it takes a lot for a vendor to impress me as you and your staff have… the product is just a result of that. I am looking forward to the continued relationship.

Michael E. Parker
UMass Memorial Health Care

Thanks so much for this cart and laptop. Thanks for helping this come to our department for our use. I have only used it for one day and already I can tell a difference in my job. It allows me to be more efficient and productive, because of the mobility. The tablet that we had before was harder to use, it took much more time to do anything on it. This new laptop with the cart is the ideal solution for slotting from the receiving dock, searching for missing product, approving cycle counts, walking min/max, helping pickers search for items.

These are just a few of the pluses that I have noticed within the first day of use. I did not have to spend any of my time in an office, or looking for a computer that I could use. I just can not express enough how much more productive and efficient it has allowed me to be as a supervisor, and as a supervisor this is a top priority. I have to say again THANK YOU!!!!!

Christine H.
Inventory Control Supervisor

Thanks again to you all for your assistance in getting these carts to us so quickly. I received your quote on the 9th of July and to receive the carts two weeks later is impressive. It was very important for us to keep on our timeline for the implementation of our project. So thank you from St. Joseph Hospital.

Brian G. BS, RRT, RPFT
St. Joseph Hospital

Just received 3 of your FRS 1818 DR caddies and they are excellent units…..Thanks!

Steve B.


Yes thanks Nikki, the cart looks great! Lots of good feedback. Appreciated your service … A+ service!

Dale F.
IT Computer Support

Oh they love (their laptop carts)!!! Currently, they use them for physician rounds: the battery allows the laptops to be used until the rounds are completed and the counter top give them a workplace for patient charts. Just FYI, the head of the ICU just asked again for your name and contact information because he wants to order more of them.


Just wanted to let you know that I just received the carts, undamaged and in good condition. I especially like the following features of these carts:

• light weight
• fold down locking tray
• ventilated rack for the laptop
• adjustable height
• retractable power cord

Thanks for your help, I will keep in touch.


(We) love them. What more can you say?

Mike W.

We got a break this afternoon and got the carts unboxed. They were all in perfect condition and I love them. Thanks for your help.