ArmorGuard E-Lock
Item #AGEL-001

CompuCaddy ArmorGuard E-Lock uses RF technology to provide keyless security. Easy to program separate user and supervisor codes to operate the lock.

Available with Fusion Series, OmniCenter & OptiFlow Workstations
Cable Lock
Item #CL-001

This cost effective solution provides security for laptops utilizing its' built-in security slot. The 24" cable wraps and loops through an anchor point (non-movable/permanent area) on any CompuCaddy model. The anti-pick steel lock is then inserted into computer's security slot. 2 keys are provided.
Security Plate Lock System
Item #SL-003

Protect your valuable laptop with this heavy-duty lockdown security plate system that includes security pad for computers with 2 interlocking steel trays, pick resistant screw-type key lock, flex feet with direct adhesive tape, and 2 keys.

Footprint measures 11.5" x 11.75"
SmartCode Lock
Item #SCL-001

The SmartCode lock gives the user immediate, simple, keypad access without the hassles of keys!

Available with Cynergy Series, OmniCenter & OptiFlow Workstations.